Call out charges:

We charge a one time per visit call out charge which depending on your proximity to our address can be as little as £5 up to £15 for those locations farther afield.


Treatment Costs:

We charge a standard treatment fee of £50 per horse/donkey. If you have allowed your inspections with James to lapse more than 24 months then we reserve the right to charge a levy for extra work required so it is in your interest to ensure regular visits are scheduled. BEVA guidelines recommend dental inspections are performed a minimum every 12 months. Please note if payment is not made on the day customers will incur later payment fees (approx.£5-10). This is to cover administration charges and credit costs,

No inspection fee:

We do not charge any inspection fees. So if your horse does not need any treatment you will not be charged for the privilege for being advised so. Call out charges may still apply.

Wolf Teeth:

To remove wolf teeth we charge £15 per tooth.

A vet must be organised to be present to sedate, this is in the interest of the horses welfare.

Emergency Call Charges:

Emergency call out requests (in particular out of hours) may incur a minimum £50 fee, we are having to consider this option as recently there have been an increased number and all other welfare services such as vets charge call out fees regardless if any problems are found.

Equine dentistry is something that is considered routine and if you have your horses checked & treated every 6-12 months you are less likely to have the need for emergency visits.

IMPORTANT - Missed Appointment Fees:

There will be a missed appointment fee per horse of £15.00, if cancellation has not been received in writing to at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment date/ time. We highly recommend when booking your appointment you add an audible alert in your mobile phone calendar to provide a reminder the week before your appointment so you can cancel in good time and avoid the above charges if your plans mean you can no longer make the appt. Some clients set a second reminder the day before the appointment to remove the risk of forgetting about the appt altogether.

* Repeat offenders or clients with unpaid missed appointment fees will result in not being able to use James in the future. 



     EDTs who are category 2 UK qualified and are listed on the respective BAEDT & WWAED websites.

For North & South Lincolnshire a page listing these has been created. Like and share to spread the knowledge.

Accepted Payment Types:


Card Payments